Sensibo Sky Wi-Fi Air Conditioner Controller

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Control your heat pump from anywhere! Ditch your old remote for voice and app control.

The Sensibo Sky allows you to control any brand of heat pump from your phone or even PC. You can even set it to automatically switch on when you're getting close to home, or switch off when you leave.

These clever gadgets are super easy to set up, work with all brands of heat pump and they're Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa compatible!



What do I need to set up Sensibo Sky?

You need a smart phone, a Wi-Fi network connected to the internet plus a working infrared remote-controlled air conditioner.

I have 3 heat pumps do I need 3 Sensibo sky’s?

Yes – you need one for every individual unit.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes about five minutes

Which air conditioner brands does Sensibo Sky work with?

Any, as long as they have an infrared remote control: works any ceiling unit, portable, split system, and window wall

Do I need a remote to be able to set up my Sensibo?

No, it is easier if you have the remote but there is a work around if you don’t. It will take a little longer to set up without the remote.

Where’s the best place to position the Sensibo Sky unit?

You need line of sight to your air conditioner, best is side-on so it can adjust status from the signal from your normal remote, front or even below your AC works well. Sensibo has a range of 6m

Will Sensibo Sky control my ducted heat pump? Evaporative Cooling?

No – it works infrared controlled systems only. It will not work with evaporative cooling systems even if they do use a remote control as the features and functions are different.

Can I control my Sensibo Sky from a PC?

Yes, just log in at and your unit(s) are there awaiting your command

What smart home systems will Sensibo Sky connect to?

Sensibo will connect to Google Home through the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple homeKit (via HomeBridge), IFTTT (If this then that), SmartThings (unofficial), OpenHab (unofficial), iRidium (unofficial) Home assistant (unofficial), RTI & Control4

What are the native Google Home commands:

  • Ok Google, turn on the living room
  • Ok Google, turn off the bedroom
  • Hey Google, increase the temperature in the bedroom
  • Ok Google, set the temperature in the bedroom to 25 degrees
  • Ok Google, set living room to cooling
  • Ok Google, set living room to heating
  • Hey Google, what is the living room set to?
  • Hey Google, what is the temperature in the living room?
  • Ok Google, what is the humidity in the living room?