LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm

LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm
LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm
LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm
LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm
LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm
LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm
LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm

LIFX Colour LED Downlight 100mm

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 LIFX Colour Downlight 100mm


Incredible quality colour and whites for subtle, sophisticated or startling room ambiance.
  • Gimbal: adjust your lighting to best suit your space.
  • 700 lumens: Bright! But also dimmable to 1%
  • Voice compatible (Alexa, Apple HomeKit / Siri, Hey Google) and simple to set up.
  • Connects via Wi-Fi - no bridge/hub needed


Easy set up: LIFX replaces your existing downlights. Simply download the LIFX app, connect to Wi-Fi and you're ready to go. No hub required.

Built-in Wi-Fi & LIFX Cloud: Offers lighting control via Wi-Fi with our LIFX iOS, Android and Windows 10 apps. Access your bulbs anywhere, anytime via the cloud.

Adjustable and dimmable: Connected lighting for your space, time of day, and mood. Choose from 16 million colours and a full range of warm to cool whites with the flexibility to select your brightness as well. Experience how subtle adjustments in tone and brightness can enhance the comfort of any room.

Bright & Efficient: LIFX Mini has an output of 800 lumens, the equivalent of a 60 Watt traditional incandescent bulb with the benefit of only 9W energy use.

Intuitive Control: Control lights individually or as groups, set timers, pick from beautiful themes or create your own custom scenes. 



  • Built-in WIFI - No Hub Required!
  • Bright - 700 lumens
  • Dimmable
  • LIFX app control & cloud
  • Voice control compatible
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Flic, Scout and more
  • 24-month warranty

One billion colours

LIFX boasts the deepest, richest, and most beautiful colours. How? It's all in the LEDs we choose that our competitors don't.


The Easiest - This is your entire starter kit

Because all LIFX lights are WiFi connected, you don't need an accompanying bridge or hub to get started. It's easier than "1-2-3", because it's just "1".


The Brightest - Bang for your buck

LIFX lights regularly outperform the specs on the pack. They're often brighter and more colourful than the majority of the competition.


The Greenest - Environmentally and wallet-friendly

LEDs are more efficient, but LIFX have been found to lead the pack. CHOICE consumer group found our MINI to be 20% more efficient than the leading competitor.


Hey Google, Alexa, Siri...

For handsfree help, ask an assistant. They are already on your phone - why not try it out now? Or get yourself a smart speaker for added convenience.


Sleep better

With our Day & Dusk app feature helping your circadian rhythm, and the deepest amber assists your melatonin production before bedtime, LIFX is a good choice for a good night's sleep.


Note: This product may require an electrician for installation. Downlights come with a standard NZ plug fitted, although for permanent installation, these can be removed and wired into standard mains wiring.

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