About Us

Hey there! Thanks for checking us out. My name's Sam, and I'm the guy that started LiteUp. I live in Christchurch, and work as a computer technician (among other roles!)


We started doing IT/Computer support a couple of years ago. But, as you know, technology is more than just computers, so LiteUp quickly turned into technical support for all sorts of devices and systems - including Smart Home and WiFi.

I started building my own smart home back in 2017, and have had hundreds of conversations about it with all sorts of people. People started asking us… what should we buy? What's the best smart home gear to put in my home? I thought I'd make the answer to that question super easy by bringing (we reckon) all of the best products into one place.

So… what are we?

We're the Smart Home store, with a technical team behind it.


This means we understand the complexities that make these products 'just work'. It means we know that a smart home requires good Wi-Fi as a backbone. And we're available within Canterbury to set up all of your smart home products for you.

Most products are directly shipped from a distributor in NZ straight to you (this reduces our overheads, and speeds up delivery time for you).

We have added Zip (previously PartPay), to our payment options, along with Credit/Debit cards and POLi Internet Banking. These, combined with a great product range, easy tech support, as well as fast shipping times should make you want to buy from us again and again!

We're super excited to help New Zealanders begin their Smart Home journey!

"Hey Google, turn on the living room lights"